Food Trucks We Want To Drive Away With

1. G’Raj Mahal-

If you have not been to this food truck, than you need to head over to Rainey Street right meow. G’raj Mahal is not just a food truck, but an experience of Austin, India, and food heaven. Try to garlic naan, you won’t be disappointed.

2. Bananarhcy-

We are banana’s for Bananarchy. These are not your ordinary banana’s, but they are also dipped in chocolate heavenly goodness. This is one food truck at ACL that you WILL NOT want to miss.

3. The Peached Tortilla-

There are some food trucks that can rival any 5 star restaurant in Austin, and The Peached Tortilla is one of them. Chow down on some of their infamously delicious tacos, or on one of their Bowl dishes. Either way, you are going to enjoy the best foodgasm of your life at The Peached Tortilla.

4. Good Pop-

So you may be wanting to watch your waistline during ACL, which means that most of the food is a no go. Have no fear, because the good people at Good Pop are serving up all natural frozen pops. So have one, two, five, it’s all natural!

5. Kebabalicious-

Kebabalicious is bringing to you the best Turkish Style Wraps that Texas has to offer. Try their hummus wrap, in fact try too because they are the

ACL has some pretty good eats. If you do not gain at least 5 pounds over the weekend, then you’re doing ACL wrong my friends. So ditch that diet, throw on your stretchy pants, and enjoy some of Austin’s finest dining.

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