National Cat Day

National Cat Day

Today is the greatest day known to the majority of single ladies, hipster men, and our four legged feline friends. It is National Cat Day. So go treat Mr. Snugglebottoms with some catnip, treats, and a belly rub. After all our cats give us plenty of reasons to love them…

1. Wonderful Personality

2. Constant Cuteness

3. And They Can Do Tricks 

4. They are also good with technology

5. They are GREAT cuddlers……sorta

6. Unconditional Love….sorta

7. Sometimes they can be a little difficult

8. And Sometimes they do not always make the right decisions

9. But we love their overload of fierceness

10. In the the end our cats really do love us

So go let your inner cat lady out! Treat yourself and your favorite feline today!

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