5 Reasons to Download the halfpastnow App From Native Austinites

Most Austinites agree that Austin is a beautiful city with an endless variety of things to do ranging from going to a great happy hour or enjoying some of the live music that makes this city legendary. Courtesy of the halfpastnow app, you have access to the best assortment of events catered to you and the things you love to do – and the Native Austinites agree!

With the FREE halfpastnow app, you will never have to ask yourself the question “What am I going to do tonight” again! Whatever your niche is, you have to ability to make halfpastnow your own with our easy-to-use, unique platform. Here are just 5 reasons, supported by locals like you, for why you need to download our app right this second. Start now. Your couch will miss you.

5 – Our Out and About feature!

Feeling spontaneous? Whether you are happy hour hopping or already on the town looking for something to do, the Out and About feature on the halfpastnow app finds events happening now, in close proximity to your location.

“halfpastnow helps us figure out what’s going on right now. Austin is known for being a city that likes to fly by the seat of their pants,” said Katie Warner, founder of Austin startup Lucid Routes. “With halfpastnow, you don’t have to worry about planning because all your options are right there, at your finger tips, in real-time.”

4 – Get recommendations made by local trendsetters!

Our local trendsetters are experts on all things Austin. From insight about the local foodie scene to being in the know about the best music shows, find the best events going on in the city from those who know Austin the best.

“By downloading the halfpastnow app, you will hear about the most delectable foodie events from chef tastings, unique farm-to-table dinners, and opening specials from the newest eateries in Austin,” said writer of The Fresh Find and self-proclaimed foodie Kristin Hong. “Austin has a food culture you don’t want to miss out on!”

3 – Find Out What’s Trending in Austin!

halfpastnow is unique for so many reasons, but one thing that really sets us aside is our Trending In Austin feature. Popular events chosen by which have the most “clicks” around Austin are available to you at the convenience of your touch screen. With the ability to see what’s trending, you have the freedom to explore Austin like you never have before.

“As fellow locals, we understand that Austin has so much to offer. Regardless of the season, day of the week, or time of day- there is always something going on,” said Alexis Neal, Director of Marketing for halfpastnow. “By offering what’s trending in Austin, we are able to show you the most popular upcoming events and filter out events that you may not be interested in.”

2 –Our unique and powerful event filter search engine!

halfpastnow understands your individuality, so we have created a powerful event filter search engine that gives you Austin events curated just for you. Tailored to your multiple interests the halfpastnow app enables you to filter your search by your own personal preferences and you can even save them to use later!

1 – We give you the exclusive Austin experience!

We offer you access to the real Austin experience. If you are new in town or just visiting and want to see Austin from a local’s perspective, you can discover Austin with halfpastnow!

“If you want to do what the locals do, find the underground shows, check out the best local bars for happy hours and check out the best events in town, then download our app,” said Sarah Ratliff, Assistant Director of Marketing and Event Content Manager for halfpastnow.

 You will never regret a good time in the best city, download the halfpastnow app NOW and discover Austin!

See you around Austin,

The halfpastnow Team

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