National Tequila Day

Happy National Tequila Day!

Yes this is a real holiday, and we are here to help you find the best places in town for some nomscious tequila. (As if you needed a reason to have a margarita anyways.)

Best Variety

Tacos and Tequila

For the Tequila Connoisseur check out Tacos and Tequila (TNT).  Not only do they have over 100 different types of tequila, but they also have some holiday worthy tequila drinks. HPN Tip: Try the Cucumber Jalapeño its AMAZING. Check out their happy hour (today)!

Must Have Mexican Martini

Trudy’s Texas Star

You HAVE to check out Trudy’s Texas Star which practically birthed the beloved Mexican Martini in Austin. Not only does Trudy’s serve a fantastic Mexican Martini, but their other fantastic drinks (Like the Ruby Red Margarita!) are killer.

Best Margarita

Curra’s Grill

Go to the self proclaimed ‘Mother of All Mex’ and sip on a cool and refreshing Avocado Margarita at Curra’s Grill. Check out their happy hour today with $4 ‘On the Rocks’ and frozen margaritas, and $7 Avocado margaritas!

Other Notables

Papi Tino’s

For those of you who like your tequila strong (and we mean STRONG), check out Papi Tino’s today. They have a large variety of Mezcal that will have you rethink the meaning of the word ‘strong.’ Think you’re up for it? Check out their happy hour today!

The Gatsby

PARTY AT GATSBY’S! But really you are missing out if you do not try their ‘Los Locos Anos Veintes’. This little tequila cocktail will make you feel as rich as Gatsby himself. With tequila, fresh lime juice, and tears of joy (homemade magical happiness) this drink does not disappoint. So check out The Gatsby today to end your celebration for National Tequila Day.

Whether you’re sipping on a cool mexican martini, enjoying a delicious margarita,or enjoying some Mezcal celebrating National Tequila Day is a MUST. Remember this is a holiday, so do what Gatsby would do and PARTY! Check out our trendsetter for our top picks for this glorious holiday!


The halfpastnow team

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