My experience as an intern at halfpastnow

If you’re interested in becoming a Marketing Intern for halfpastnow, then this post is especially for you!

Working as an intern for hpn has been amazing! This job is for anyone with drive, passion, endurance, a love of learning and asking questions, and the ability to think in the long-term as well as in the present moment.

I have not enjoyed an internship more than my time and experiences with halfpastnow.

You come into the company understanding how to be a pivotal marketer whether that’s from a social media or more traditional perspective. During your time you learn a lot more, including how the different facets of running a small venture meld together to create a great company. Because of the start-up nature, you are working with the Director of Marketing, the Co-founders, and a small group of fun, driven, clever people.

The atmosphere is not for the faint of heart. You have be dedicated, a self-starter, ready to work on your own and other times with others, go on adventures, and keep hpn right between what you constantly think about and what you think about just a little less.


Not to say that there isn’t a lot of fun to be had! We’re required to go to a few events each week and 85% of the time it’s places and concerts and events that you were already going to go to and are already at. That’s what halfpastnow is all about, making passion and career meet.

While we meet up and work as an entire group from time to time, the internship is extremely flexible around my schedule. For example, as I’m writing this, I just made myself a banana-nutella-peanut butter smoothie and am jamming out to classic Coldplay albums. Put in the effort and halfpastnow rewards you with valuable experience that fits perfectly around your schedule.

I came on board at the beginning of 2013 right when the huge push for SX started. It was hectic, hour after hour had to be put in constantly (it’s much, much less now that that’s over), but it is worth it. Seeing that you’re making a difference, seeing that people actually respond to our website and social media, it’s rewarding. That’s one great aspect. You won’t be bogged down with the questions, “why am I doing this? Is this really only for my resume?” Instead you’ll see direct results and you’ll be able to gain real experience that is applicable to anything you do in the future.

halfpastnow is currently looking for two college marketing interns to join the team and help us make a difference. If any of this has convinced you, read through the formal Marketing Intern Job Description attached and contact us on the form below. I can’t wait to meet you at our next data crunching session!

Marketing Intern

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