So it’s raining every day this week….

After looking at the weather we realized it is raining EVERY DAY this week. For outdoor lovers, this can put a real cloud (literally) over your week. Most of us will LOVE this rain until about Wednesday when we realize that we are seriously missing that beautiful Texas sunshine and all the happiness that comes with it. But for those of us lake lovers (the entire HPN team) we are praising the rain gods for the rain that will fill up our beautiful Lake Travis. So come rain lovers and rain haters, because we have a few different things that can make you happy as this guy dancing in the rain.

Tuesday Boozeday

What is more poetic than watching the rain while sipping on a glass of red wine? Pretty classy right? Check out Trio’s happy hour today at 5pm. Not only do they have great drink specials, but their crispy brussel sprouts and snapper ceviche will certainly brighten up your day.

007 Wednesday

It’s a universal rule that you have to watch classic movies when its raining outside. Lucky for you the Paramount theatre has a the classic Casino Royal playing with our favorite classy brit James Bond. Date night, ladies night, or heck just have a great date with a bucket of popcorn. But make sure you get your classic rainy day movie in at the Paramount.

Time to get Amped Thursday

Around Thursday you’re probably going to start feeling Seattle depressed from all of this rain. In fact you may even consider investing in a canoe just to navigate around I35 more efficiently. DJ Mixxula will be spinning at Amped Austin (for FREE) and turning those rainy day frowns upsidedown. With team Amped and Mixxula you will completely forget that you just trudged through rain ruining most of your clothing, because you will be sipping on a sweet cocktail listening to one great Austin DJ.


Austin is known for having artists of every age from every walk of life bringing their great talents to many stages. On Friday Spiderhouse Cafe is hosting the 18 and Below Showcase and Spoken Word’. 18 below is a community based organization in Austin that gets kids more involved in the arts. From music, poetry, slam, film, and dance they will be bringing the best of new talent to the stage. So come support the Austin youth and check out the next up and coming stars.

Brunch it up Saturday

So you did your rain dance all night and now you need some bacon, bloody mary’s, and bacon to get you through another rainy day. Let us suggest to you brunch at Olivia starting at 10 am. Not only do they have a huge selection of noms on their menu, but their drink specials are sweet enough to help you forget that it is STILL raining outside.

We know that you were really banking on another gorgeous week of Texas sunshine, but the rain can always bring with it showers of happiness (oh the puns). With our survival guide to help you get through this rainy week, you may be begging for ‘GASP’ more weeks like this. So get off your couch, stop listening to sad rainy songs, and go discover Austin while perfecting your rain dance.

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