Charity Spike

The story behind Charity Spike and the founder who envisioned it all.

A Chicagoan at heart, Tim Addante moved to Austin and immediately fell in love with the supportive community centered around fitness and philanthropy. Though he has a full time job, Tim dedicates the rest of his time to Custom Sweat, a custom embroidered sweatband company. Tim created Custom Sweat as a vehicle to give back to charity. 5% of every online goes to a pre-set charity and 5% of every custom order goes to the charity of the customer’s choice. “I wanted Custom Sweat to give exposure to upcoming charities and foundations- all awesome causes with little to no exposure,” Tim states. Tim has single-handedly transformed an ordinary company into a company with a motive- to make an impact in the local community.

“The biggest difference that sets people apart is action.” -Tim Addante

Tim’s passion didn’t stop there. He was inspired to take it one step further to gain more exposure thus Custom Sweat for a Cause Series was born. Consisting of 2-5 yearly custom athletic events, each event allows the winners to give back directly to the charity of their choice. Custom Sweat teamed up with Project Serve to host Charity Spike, an all-day volleyball tournament, the first of these visions to come to life. This year, the 3 predetermined charity beneficiaries are Total City Sports, Ags for Orphans and Children at Heart Ministries and the winning team determines how the $1,300 prize money is divided between the charities. In this tournament, everyone wins. Once again, Tim has taken an ordinary day of volleyball play and transformed it into a day of raising awareness to these charities, encouraging community support and ultimately enabling those who compete in the tournament to actively take part in giving back.

When asked what his inspiration was,Tim attributed it all to faith. Having faith in God and having faith in the bigger picture. It was because of his faith, he was able to make that vision a reality that continues to grow. In the last year alone, Charity Spike has exponentially grown. “It’s been incredible to look back within the last year and see the acceptance and participation in Charity Spike here in Austin. It’s been cool,” Tim says with immense gratitude.

So be sure to go out to Zilker Park this Saturday and show your support to the teams that have dedicated their time and energy to help make a difference. May I mention it’s some of the best volleyball players the city all in one tournament? See you there!

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