Father’s Day 2013

This weekend is Father’s Day and like many of you we have no idea where we would be without our crazy awesome Dad’s. Dad’s teach us so much as we grow and continue to grow in this journey called life. Mine, for example taught me the essentials: How to fish, change the windshield wiper fluid in my car, how to tell a man in Italian to ‘get lost’, how to throw a baseball, and mostly my Dad taught me how to live life to its fullest. We know many of you probably have a gift picked out that models many of your past Father’s Day gifts. Friends let us help you give an even better gift to your dad, your time. Let’s be real, these days we just go-go-go-go, and sometimes we forget to take a breath and even *gasp* call our parents. This weekend there are so many great events happening, so spend some time with your dad this Father’s Day weekend.


Friday 6/14/13

Suite 709 at the Belmont


For Dad’s that are into the music scene, we recommend taking them to see Suite 709 at the Belmont. It’s only $10 (What a steal!) and the show starts at 8:00pm. These guys are a local favorite and with a cool venue like The Belmont, your Dad is in for a great Father’s Day gift.

Bad Boys Improv


The Bad Boys of Improv are absolutely hysterical. Head down to Coldtown Texas and take your dad for drinks and a good laugh. Don’t ‘improv’ your Father’s Day gift, but take your Dad to a great night of local Austin improv.


Saturday 6/15/13

‘Shane’ at The Paramount


Does your Dad like gunslingers, the old west, horses, and cowboys? Then your Dad would love to go see this classic western film ‘Shane’ at the Paramount. For $10 you can visit the old west with your Dad and enjoy a great local Austin theatre.

Literature and Sports Exhibit and the Harry Ransom Center


Is your dad a sports junkie? Then he would love to look at the amazing ‘Literature and Sports’ exhibit at the Harry Ransom Center. This exhibit features great works of literature written about the games that America revolves around (And sometimes our dads).

Sunday 6/16/13

Father’s Day Concert at Zilker


The Austin Symphonic Band is performing a Father’s Day concert at Zilker Park for free! Pack your dad a ‘manly’ picnic  and head over to Zilker. It’s supposed to be a beautiful weekend, so it will be a great time for an outdoor concert with your dad.


Double Feature Drive in at the Blue Starlite


The Blue Starlite will be showing ‘Mr Mom’ and ‘National Lampoons Vacation’ Sunday night. If your dad becomes incredible nostalgic when he hears the words ‘Drive In’ like ours does, then drive on over to this local Austin favorite. You can also bring food and drinks, so pick up a six pack and some Homeslice for a great drive in double feature with your dad.

Spend some time with your dad this weekend at one of of many great suggested Father’s Day events. Also check out our site for more great Father’s Day ideas. So take a break from the go-go-go-go and have a great Father’s Day weekend with your dad.



The Half Past Now Team

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