Tyler’s Dam That Cancer- Monday June 3rd, 2013

Over 28 million people have  cancer. This disease not only tries to destroy people from the inside out, but its effects spread to the patient’s loved ones as well. Those 28 million people battling cancer have family and friends who are also battling this terrible disease with them. The amount of mental stress, anxiety, and depression place a heavy burden on these people which can be just as deadly as the disease itself.

The Flatwater Foundation is a non profit that works to provide access to mental health services for those in need affected by cancer. On Monday June 3rd the Flatwater Foundation will be hosting Tyler’s Dam That Cancer. This is not just an ordinary charity fundraiser. One hundred paddlers (each raising over $1500) will travel the length on a stand-up paddleboard 21 miles from Mansfield Dam to Tom Miller’s Dam. Located at the end of the race will be an fantastic party hosted by Hula Hut  and everyone is invited!

You’re probably wondering how paddle boarding creating such a stand against cancer? When Tyler’s Dam That Cancer’s founder’s father was diagnosed with testicular cancer, he found comfort on his paddleboard traveling up and down Lake Austin. Mark Garza like many others began to realize how important a healthy mind was in the battle against cancer. However many families who are battling this disease are not able to access proper mental health resources, because they are drowning in medical bills and payments for cancer treatment. Garza soon then approached his friend Rob McKinney, a testicular cancer survivor, to paddle the entire length of Lake Austin with him to stand against cancer.

So come take a stand and join us along with the Flatwater Foundation at the Hula Hut finish line party! Black Pistol Fire will be serenading the crowd along with great food, drinks, and door prizes. It is free to enter, but a $100 donation will get you a VIP ticket. Friends, we would love to see you take a stand with us against cancer and celebrate the wonderful work that the Flatwater Foundation is doing through Tyler’s Dam That Cancer to help those affected by such a terrible disease.

Take a Stand With Us,

The Half Past Now Team

For more detail on this event, visit HalfPastNow.com.

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