Gearing up for SXSW 2013

It’s that time of year again. Gorgeous Austin days are returning. Fragrant mountain laurels are blooming. Bees are buzzing. But that’s not the only thing buzzing in Austin right now.

SXSW, more popularly recognized as SX, is gearing up for yet another amazing year. From its inception in the late 1980s, this immensely popular week long event has grown exponentially. From the original 700 registrants for the music fest in its first year to thousands upon thousands of registrants currently, SXSW never fails to satisfy its growing number of attendees.

Austin may be the “The Live Music Capital of the World,” but our town is defined by the emerging film scene and high-tech industry as well. So it’s no surprise SXSW added the film and interactive components in 1994. Today, participation is international in scope, and the 2013 festival will welcome upward of 50,000 excited music, tech, and film aficionados ready for adventure.

While official tickets may be hard to come by, there’s an entire unofficial SX experience to start planning. Not sure how to get started? Join HPN to create your own personal SX journey.

– The halfpastnow Team

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