It’s alive!

Today marks the start of our open beta, thank you for visiting us and being part of something that we think will be huge. You’re joining us during a really exciting part of our start-up, and we hope that you’ll stay with us as we add new features and grow!

Just a little background – Austin is a fantastic city that is never short on things to do, sights to see. Which makes it hard to keep up and find the things that really interest you. Halfpastnow is here to guide you through all the Austin has to offer, catered to you and things you love to do or see.

First and foremost, we aim to have the best collection of events going on around Austin in an easy-to-use, no BS interface that lets you quickly find what you want. Music buff? Select the categories, bands, and venues you’re interested in and save it so you’ll always see those events! Looking for reverse happy hours because you can never make the early one? Just choose the time and type of specials you’re looking for, and viola! Always on the lookout for ways to bond with the outdoors? You’ll be able to focus in on those activities as well. We really want you to come and make this site your own.

Our mission is to help bring you to local events and communities, and in doing so we need your feedback! Please send us any comments via the Feedback tab on the right or email us at support@halfpastnow.com. And don’t worry – we have thick skin! So don’t hold back.

See you around!

– The halfpastnow Team

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